Digital Dynamic Thermal Compensation Across Temperature and Pressure Range
High Standard Accuracy 0.08% BSL included Linearity, Repeatability and Hysteresis
NEW! High Accuracy Options
0.05% Accuracy Option, add Suffix "-EH"
0.03% Linearity Option, add Suffix "-XL"
5-Point NIST Traceable Calibration Included with All Models
316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
Welded Stainless Steel Case
Now Available with M12 Connector, Order Model PX459
(See Part Number Builder at bottom of page)
Broad Temperature Compensated Range
-29 to 85°C (-20 to 185°F)
Premium Temperature Performance Span: ±0.5% over Compensated Range
Long Term Stability for Calibraon Laboratories
Low Pressure Ranges from 10 in-H2O
Absolute Pressure from 5 to 1000 psia
Fast Response Time
Solid State Reliability and Stability
Gage and Absolute Pressures
300% Proof Pressure Minimum
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