Ambient temperature:–40 - +65°C (+80°C for max. 2 hours).DIN-approved units:–40 - +65°C (+80°C for max. 2 hours).Max. working pressure = 17 barMax. test pressure = 20 barContact load, AC:AC1: 16 A, 400 VAC3: 16 A, 400 VAC15: 10 A, 400 VMax. starting current (L.R.): 112 A, 400 VContact load, DC:DC13: 12 W, 220 V control current
KP pressure switchs are for use in refrigeration
and air conditioning systems to give
protection against excessively low suction
pressure or excessively high discharge
KP pressure switches are also used for starting
and stopping refrigeration compressors and
fans on air-cooled condensers.
A KP pressure switch can be connected
directly to a single-phase AC motor of up
to approx. 2 kW or installed in the control
circuit of DC motors and large AC motors.
KP pressure switches are fitted with
a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch.
The position of the switch is determined
by the pressure switch setting and the
pressure at the connector.
KP pressure switches are available
in IP30, IP44 and IP55 enclosures.   1 year ago
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